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A Message from Aloim: You Are Pure Light!

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Several months ago, I began to receive angelic messages through automatic writing. I have been keeping the messages in a journal, not sure how to share them. Then, last Sunday, when I was asked to be the guest speaker at Honi Borden's gathering, I decided to read two of them. I was surprised how moved people were by the messages.

And I was even more surprised at how moved I was! I had read them when I first received them. But in reading them again, out loud, I found that I could not hold back the tears. It seems that the energy, the vibrations, from these messages was meant to be shared. And so, over time, I will present them on this blog for you to contemplate. I invite you to read them out loud to get the "full effect." Here is the first one I read on Sunday.

Message from Aloim: “I AM the Light. I Am the Love. Speak to me. Hear me. I Love you always. You are in my heart and you are in my arms. Fear not. Fear nothing. Nothing can harm you, for you are Eternal. You are pure Light. I AM always with you. You are never alone. I walk beside you. I dream with you. You are My Angel! When you Lift Up, I Lift Up. When you feel Joy, I feel Joy. Know that I Am always here – listening, whispering, comforting, holding, Loving you. Let it Be.”

With Much Love and Gratitude <3

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