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Wrapping Up the Year with Some Words of Hope

As we finish up the year, an extremely difficult year, I want to share some words of hope. Yes, we have gone through unprecedented hardships with a global pandemic, social unrest, fires, floods, political disruption, and even plagues of locusts! Unprecedented, at least, for us. But, throughout the world, throughout the history of humankind, people have lived through disruptions like these, and have come out stronger on the other end. All of us, after all, are here on the earth at this time because our ancestors were survivors!

While it is uncomfortable, even painful, to go through this upheaval, it has served the purpose of bringing to light the things we need to change in our world before it is too late. We are being forced to take a serious look at how we treat each other and the environment. And, while there have been some really ugly things being said and done in the world, and have seen incredible greed and opportunism during the pandemic, there have also been record number of people help helping others. For example, popup food pantries were organized in neighborhoods hit hard by businesses and schools being shut down. And the Navajo and Hopi Nations, which have been particularly hard hit by COVID-19, have raised over $6.7 million in donations from individuals eager to help them purchase food, water, and medical supplies for tribal members in need. Hundreds of thousands of those dollars came from Ireland, where people remembered the Choctaw nation donating $170 back in 1847 in support of those suffering from the Great Famine (Irish citizens also made generations to the Choctaw this year). We have also seen record numbers of people voting, particularly those whose votes were suppressed for many generations. And we saw a glimpse of how quickly our city skies can clear if we just cut down on our driving!

Something this year has shown us in a very tangible way is that we and our world are all connected. And, because of this connection, we can do something, also very tangible, to help make the world a better place for everyone and everything on the planet. Allow me get a little technical before I get to my point…

The electrical current from our hearts creates an electromagnetic field, which carries information into environment, similar to a cell phone. This affects the earth’s electromagnetic field, which in turn, affects people around the globe. When our heart rhythms match up with the earth’s electromagnetic field, we have a coherent field, one in which we emit love, kindness, and compassion, and this positively affects the earth – a giant biofeedback system in which we feed the field through our emotions and it feeds us.

The HeartMath Institute has been utilizing ultrasensitive magnatometers placed around the globe to measure magnetic resonant frequencies of the earth’s magnetic fields related to our hearts, autonomic nervous system rhythms, and brain waves. They have found that, when large numbers of people have similar emotions at the same time, it is measurable via these globally placed magnatometers. Events with higher the love and compassion (such as events where people come together to focus on peace) had a significantly higher impact on the Global Consciousness than negative events (disasters or 9/11), or neutral events (the Superbowl).

The energetic heart is in communication with the physical heart and brain (both of which have the same type of neurons), and is the access point to the higher self. As we get more heart coherent, feeling more love and compassion, it attunes us to the intelligence of the higher self.

If enough people raise their consciousness level by loving from a core level, radiating more love and compassion into the field through their thoughts and day to day actions, how we treat others, then we have an opportunity to bring about an evolution of consciousness. It’s so simple. Are you willing to give it a try?


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