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For Hana, a naturopath, intuition is key. It is woven into every aspect of her life, from her work to her relationships, with one exception–her mother, Shiko. Shiko emigrated to the U.S. from Japan as a young woman, leaving her family behind. Whenever Hana tries to learn the reason for this decision, her mother shuts down.

When Shiko’s sister, Emiko, is killed in the 2011 tsunami that ravaged eastern Japan, Shiko barely seems to register the news. Hana and her daughter, Katherine, convince Shiko that it is time to go back to Japan to learn about Emiko and to reconnect with their Japanese heritage, while they still can. 


In Japan, the three generations of women meet with friends and colleagues who knew and loved Emiko. Shiko’s stoic exterior slowly begins to melt, revealing long-buried emotion. Hana experiences a life-changing sense of returning home, and a deepened relationship with the spirit world. What message does this journey hold for her? And will Shiko finally reveal why she left all those years ago?

Coming Spring 2022!

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