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My Book Now Available Where It All Began

I'm delighted to announce that my book is now available through the Pendle Hill Bookstore. This is particularly exciting to me, not just because I'm a huge fan of the work that international study center has done over the past 90 years, and the quality of the writings that are carried and published by them, but also because I probably wouldn't exist if it weren't for Pendle Hill.

My parents met and married there, and I can't imagine many other situations in which they would have crossed paths and had the opportunity to develop their relationship. It was the unique setting of Pendle Hill that made it possible for two people from different continents to come together with the common aim of intellectual, spiritual, and cultural pursuits. You can read more about this in my book :)

My book is also available in paperback at Bookshop, Discover Books, Barnes & Noble and Amazon. And the eBook is available on Apple Books, Kobo, and Amazon.


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