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Shine Your Light for the Whole World to See!

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The opposite of Love is fear. To practice true Fearlessness, is to practice unconditional love. Fear exists only in our minds – it has no objective reality. We can replace it with love by remembering who we are. Here is a message from Elohim that talks about the importance of releasing fear and embracing Love.

Message of Love, Hope, & Expansion: You are to hold onto the Love above all else, and release those things that weigh you down. You can float, you can reach heights you never dreamed of, realms beyond your imagination, when you can cast off the shackles of doubt, fear, ambivalence, hate, harm, mistrust, shame. You are a Blessed Being! If you could just see yourself, clearly, as you truly are, you would be amazed – in awe of your beauty! WE see you as you are! Your Light and Beauty are beyond belief. You shine with The Infinite of the Great Central Sun. You hold the Universe in your palms. You are in our image. You are more powerful and beautiful than you can imagine. Do not be afraid. Your Light is brilliant, and some may need to look away. But those who understand will see, and will be illuminated, too! They, in turn, will shine their Light onto the World, until eventually it will glow with the Infinite Light and Love and Beauty we have endowed you with. Remember! Do not forget again. This time, when the Light is unleashed, it cannot be hidden, snuffed out, buried. The Light will overpower the darkness until all can see! Amen! We Love you! We embrace you! You are our children, whom we Love dearly!

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