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This Message Is Not for Everyone

Today's message from Elohim is different from others I have received. It feels like the advice a parent might give to their adolescent child going out into the world, a teenager who may not yet be receptive to it. I recall many things my parents told me that did not make sense to me until years later. As always, this has not been edited, as I want to remain a clear, impartial channel for their messages.

From the Elohim: This message is not for everyone. But someday, it will be. Self-discipline is essential to reaching, and integration with, your Higher Self. You must let go of the Earthly temptations that distract you from aligning with your true being. The temptations are many – you are surrounded by them. This does not mean that you are to forgo all Earthly pleasures. That would be ridiculous! You are here on Earth to experience all the beauty and communion you can during your stay here. But, it should be focused on true beauty, meaningful communion with other living beings, nature, using your senses to take it all in. Get out into the forest, the field, go to the ocean, the lakes, the rivers. Eat the bountiful food that is created for your tactile engagement. Take pleasure in each others’ company and in sacred love union. It is all there for the taking, for your enjoyment. But it must also serve to nourish your body and soul. Do not partake in activities that move you away from Source, away from your Higher Self. The true pleasures leave you feeling filled in spirit. They nourish you in ways that keep you aligned with Higher Self. The others are empty, like inflatable pool toys – full of air and no internal substance! Choose your pleasure wisely and carefully. You are here to experience all the tangible things on Earth, and in doing so, complete your purposes of grounding below, so that you can enhance The Above.

Much Love to You! We Love You! You are our Earth Stars!

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