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The Alchemy of an Extraordinary Year and Its Potential for Transformation

We are living in challenging and exceptional times. And while there has been much pain and grief that has come out of it, there are also opportunities for growth, an opportunity "to kindle a Light in the darkness," as Carl Jung put it. This year's Friends Conference on Religion and Psychology (79th annual, 2nd virtual), whose theme is " The Alchemy of an Extraordinary Year and Its Potential for Transformation," will explore how to use our grief and pain as fuel for transformation.This concept of Alchemy comes from Jung's use of the term as a symbol for transformation of the ego and soul into the gold of Self and wholeness, just as ancient alchemists experimented with heating base metals—like lead and copper—in an attempt to transform them into precious metal.

There are two wonderful plenary speakers scheduled for this year's conference: Marian Dunlea (creator of Body Dreaming™) and Monika Wikman (author of Pregnant Darkness). Both speakers are well-known Jungian analysts and authors who teach that authentic change comes from within the body and soul, as well as the mind. They will be offering interactive, experiential teachings.

In addition to these amazing speakers, there will be several special interest groups to explore these topics. I will be hosting a group to "Journey Into The Collective Unconscious and The Imaginal Realm." Together, we will explore the Collective Unconscious, its relationship to the Imaginal Realm, and how we can work within it to help create our collective best future. In this workshop, we will engage in some beautiful meditation and visualization practices to access these archetypal spaces, and learn how to co-create a better world.

For more information or to register, visit the FCRP website.


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