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Releasing the Emotional Ties That Bind

For every person who is part o

f your life, you develop a set of energetic connections. Some are helpful, others aren't. In psychology, this is referred to as "attachment" and in energy healing circles, they are known as "energetic chords." I find this topic fascinating, both as an energy healer, and as a psychologist. The theory of attachment is basic to developmental psychology, having to do with our earliest relationships and how those affect our relationships throughout our lives. The first bond, with our mothers, is the actual umbilical cord. Once we are born, we (ideally) develop a strong attachment to our primary caregiver. Initially, attachment theory focused on infancy and early childhood, but the research in this area has gone on to include romantic relationships. Psychologist R. Chris Fraley, of the University of Illinois, is one of the leaders in this area of research. Over the past 13 years, I have been learning about the nature of these connections, and learning ways to free ourselves from the ones that don't serve our highest good. This month, I will be sharing my learnings and techniques at Anima Mundi Herbal Apothecary on how to release these attachments. Besides helping you break free from past relationships, this method can help your existing relationships become healthier and stronger.


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