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1000 Goddesses Gathering

I am honored to be serving on the advisory committee for the 2021 1000 Goddesses Gathering Global Grid. This annual event, created by the lovely Mare Cromwell, was inspired by a Tibetan prophecy which states that when 1,000 Goddesses or Buddhist Taras gather, the Divine Feminine will be reborn through their combined energies and the tone of the planet will shift from one of fear to one of compassion. The purpose of this gathering is to bring balance between the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine back on Earth, and is a call to action to elevate the Luminous Love energetics of our Sacred Earth through a powerful Unified Field of ceremonies. Last year, there were over 100 ceremonies held around the globe, representing diverse cultures and practices.

The Spiritual Invitation in 2021 is for us to awaken our Womb-Hearts to weave together as One in a Global Grid with Mother Gaia's Womb-Heart, affirming our Connection with the Womb of Creation (a key concept in traditional mythologies) in order to anchor more Luminous Love world-wide. All are welcome to gather your circles, design your own celebration, and register to be listed on the global map! (You can list your event as private if it is just for you and close friends)


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