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A Letter from My Future Self

For the past 15 years, on New Year's Day, I have written myself a letter, to be sent to myself one year from the time of its writing. In each letter, I describe the things that I have accomplished over the past year, and congratulate myself on all the positive things I have done. I compose the letter keeping in mind what I would like to see manifested in my life over the coming year. While I don't always accomplish everything in my letter, it is pretty amazing to see just how much has come to pass. It's like hearing from a slightly older, wiser you, who has been watching over you with love and pride for the past year.

Besides being a fun, heartwarming exercise, there is also a practical aspect to writing to yourself from the future. A recent study by Gail Matthews, Ph.D. of Dominican University, found that writing down your goals is effective in helping you achieve them. Writing down your goals, making an action plan, and being held accountable, being the most effective combination.

You can write a physical letter to yourself and have someone else mail it in a year. Or, I have always used the FutureMe website. It's very simple: write yourself a letter, and they will automatically send it to you on the date of your choosing.


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